About Dr. Jaren Wong

Dr. Jaren Wong is a dedicated dentist committed to empowering his patients through informed decision-making about their oral health. Raised in a close-knit family, Jaren developed a deep sense of responsibility towards the well-being of others. After earning his bachelor’s degree in biology from UBC, Jaren pursued his passion for dentistry by attending the Sydney University School of Dentistry.

Driven by his belief in the importance of ongoing education, Dr. Wong remains at the forefront of advancements in dentistry through regular participation in continuing education programs and workshops. His commitment to staying informed allows him to provide his patients with the latest evidence-based treatment options.

With a compassionate and patient-centred approach, Dr. Wong prioritizes open communication with his patients. He takes the time to thoroughly explain treatment options, ensuring that each patient understands their oral health needs and feels empowered to make informed decisions.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Dr. Jaren Wong enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, exploring new cultural experiences, and nurturing his passion for food and cooking.

Dr. Jaren Wong takes great pride in his role as a dental provider, dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimal oral health while fostering a collaborative approach to decision-making that puts patients at the forefront of their care.

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