Endodontics is a dental treatment that can save a badly infected tooth. The dental pulp (nerve) in your tooth can become diseased and inflamed, causing throbbing pain and temperature sensitivity. To save the tooth, the dead pulp tissue must be removed. This procedure is commonly known as “root canal treatment” or endodontics.

What are the Signs that a Tooth is Infected?

Common signs include toothache that can be constant, or a tooth could hurt when you bite or chew. You may have bad breath or a persistently bad taste in your mouth. The gum around the tooth can become red and inflamed. When the infection is advanced, it can cause a pimple to form on the gum and a bad infection could affect your health. You may feel unwell or feverish and by this stage you will need emergency dental care.

You may have bad breath or a persistently bad taste and the gum around the tooth can become red and inflamed

What is the Procedure for Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth infection is easily diagnosed using digital x-rays and by testing the sensitivity of the tooth to temperature changes. The dental pulp is accessed by making a small opening in the crown of your tooth so all the infected tissues can be removed. The empty pulp chamber is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being sealed. Your tooth will be fully restored at a later appointment, normally with a dental crown that will protect the tooth from further infection.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Your Vancouver dentist will make sure your tooth is properly numbed with local anesthetic so any discomfort should be minimal. Root canal treatment should be little different from having a dental filling and afterwards your tooth should feel much more comfortable.

Can Endodontic Treatment Always Save a Badly Infected Tooth?

Endodontics is more likely to be successful the sooner you seek treatment for toothache. If a tooth has become abscessed, where the infection has spread beyond the tooth, we may have no choice but to remove the tooth so the infection can drain. Tooth extraction is always our last choice, so please visit Vancity Dental as soon as possible so we can treat your toothache and save your tooth.

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