Conservative dentistry is possible today with advanced dental knowledge and technology. Toothache and gum disease are preventable conditions if diagnosed early, which is why we suggest regular checkups. When you show up for your regular dental exams, our experienced dentists will identify any small cavities early on, using up-to-date diagnostic technology. We can then restore your teeth comfortably, sometimes even without local anesthetic or freezing.

Why Have Regular Dental Diagnostic Checkups?

Regular dental exams are essential for maintaining good dental health and help to prevent dental emergencies. We recommend a checkup every six months as this allows your Vancouver dentist to closely monitor your dental health. If we do detect any changes, treatment should be less invasive and more cost-effective, and can be provided hopefully well before you experience any unpleasant symptoms. Regular dental checkups are the best and most cost-effective way to help ensure you enjoy great dental health at all times. You will also have the comfort of knowing your teeth and gums are properly maintained.

Our experienced dentists will carefully examine all your teeth and gums for signs of problems

How Will My Dentist Diagnose Any Dental Problems?

Our experienced dentists will carefully examine all your teeth and gums for signs of problems. This includes small lesions or cavities in your teeth, or any issues with fillings that may be leaking or failing. Digital dental x-rays enable us to take a closer look at any areas of concern, showing potential problems that are hidden from view. Digital x-rays are very safe and we only take x-rays when necessary. This diagnostic equipment helps us to quickly identify areas of infection and decay so the appropriate treatment can be provided as soon as possible.

Great Dental Health Protects Your General Health

Great dental health is vital for your general health. When you visit us here at Vancity Dental, our dentists will carry out regular oral cancer screenings. These screenings are quick, painless and non-invasive. Oral cancer rates are increasing and an early diagnosis greatly improves treatment prognosis. Good dental care also protects your general health, as numerous clinical studies have found links between gum disease and serious health conditions that include diabetes and heart disease.

By providing you and your family with regular dental checkups, your Vancouver dentist can help keep your teeth in great shape. If you are overdue for your regular dental exam, or have recently developed toothache, contact us to book your appointment. Let us diagnose any problems and take care of you.

iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner is an intraoral scanning device used by dentists to capture detailed 3D images of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. iTero scanners are often used as a component of treatment planning for restorative and orthodontic procedures, including Invisalign treatments.

iTero Digital Scanning

iTero scans are a very non-invasive form of imaging technology that does not use radiation. A wand is moved over the teeth, and the scanner works quickly to collect images, capturing all the necessary data in a matter of minutes. Then, it compiles the images into a complete 3D model that can be viewed on a computer screen.

iTero Scans vs. Traditional Modelling

In the past, dental modelling was typically achieved by applying plaster to a patient’s teeth and allowing the plaster to form and solidify around them. This can be extremely uncomfortable for patients and is not as accurate as digital renderings are.

iTero scans often replace these more invasive techniques for 3D modelling of the teeth and mouth, improving patient experiences and making the process more comfortable and straightforward for dentists and patients alike.

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