Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Have you ever met any adult who looks forward to a dental appointment? What about a child? For most people, young or old, the thought of a masked person inserting sharp tools into your mouth is anything but appealing. At a young age, the idea is more frightening. If the first experience is unpleasant, it’s not easy to convince your little one to look forward to the next.

In some clinics, such as Vancity Dental in Vancouver, proper measures are taken to ensure your child enjoys every dental visit. Great care is taken to ensure a fun, welcoming ambiance that children take to. Below are a few helpful tips to make it easier for your child.

First Appointment

Don’t wait for the first tooth to grow before you take your child. The younger they start on dental care, the faster they will adapt. Start at six months of age, just when the first tooth is visible. Pediatric dental offices ensure that the dentist is experienced in treating kids. They have little tricks and tips up their sleeve to relax them to ensure they don’t develop fears.

Keep Them Away from Your Appointments

It may be tempting to take your kids to your appointments if there’s no babysitter available but that may not be a good idea. The noises, lights, masked doctors and unfamiliar surroundings may overwhelm your child. Children’s dental clinics are designed to appeal to kids but adult clinics can overwhelm your child. If the first dental visit is at your clinic, your child may harbour fears about their own dental appointment when the time comes.

Be Prepared for Anxiousness

Babies and toddlers get anxious. Be prepared to handle their anxiety and bring along some of their familiar, favourite toys to appease them. Few children are comfortable around strangers. Don’t yell at them to keep quiet. Gently calm them and try not to be stressed yourself. Children are quick to pick up behavioural traits and act the same way.

Practice Healthy Dental Habits

Teach your kids how to brush from a young age. Do it for them in the initial months. As soon as their motor skills are better, teach them to take over. This will start them on a good dental hygiene routine so they have a positive association with clinic appointments. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that’s gentle on their gums and plain water to rinse.

Vancity Dental: Dental Care That Your Kids Will Look Forward to

All dentists are not alike, just as all patients are not alike. Consult one who is trained to make your child feel safe and comfortable. Vancity Dental in Vancouver is a high-quality dental clinic equipped with modern tools and technology to provide a smooth, comfortable experience.

Bring your little one to us for the first dental appointment. We are committed to offering the highest quality dental care to ensure a positive association. Our trained pediatric dental specialists offer a human touch that goes beyond your typical dental experience. Give us a try so your child grows up smiling about dental care.

If you have any questions, please contact us.