6 Invisalign Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re considering Invisalign but are overwhelmed with all of the information out there, the following guide will help clarify the information that you need to know:

You Need Your Invisalign Case

Your case is just as important as the aligners themselves because it will provide you with a safe place to store them in. No matter where you go, make sure you have your case by your side so that you don’t end up placing your aligners in a napkin and discover that it has been thrown away. Your case is your friend, so make sure it’s with you at all times.

You Cannot Chew Gum

If you are a fan of gum, you need to say goodbye because you can never chew gum whilst wearing your aligners as they can cause permanent damage.

You Are Allowed To Wear Lip Gloss Or Lipstick

Some people think they need to give up their favorite makeup products once they start with Invisalign but this is completely false. All you have to do is find the right products so that you feel comfortable and most people claim that matte lipsticks work best. Even if you see a lipstick mark on your aligner, you will be able to wipe it off easily.

Invest In A Good Nail File

Sometimes, aligners may come with unexpected sharp edges that can cut your tongue or mouth but a good nail file can help with this problem. All you have to do is file that spot down and you will instantly notice a difference. This will also prevent you from having to go back to your dentist for minor issues because you will be able to fix them quickly and easily at home. If the problem persists or you notice something more serious, do not try cutting your aligner and do not use other tools as you can end up damaging them. If that’s the case, contact your orthodontist instead.

Switch To Your New Aligners Before You Go To Sleep

It’s always better to move your teeth into their new positions for an undisrupted period of time and there’s no better time for this than while you sleep. This is also ideal because you will generally experience mild discomfort whenever you switch to your new aligners, so if this happens while you sleep, you may not notice it.

Do Not Eat Sweets

Coloured lollipops and lozenges can lead to cavities, and can also stain your aligners and cause them to change colour. You will be stuck with an unappealing colour until your next aligner change, so try to avoid sweets in general.

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