Aligners are a great way of achieving straighter teeth but a common concern that many people have is the pain aspect of these treatments. It is natural to wonder and worry about aligner discomfort and most people want to know if they hurt before proceeding with this treatment option.

While you may experience minor pain and some discomfort, the good news is that aligners are tolerable, and in most cases, the process can be easily managed. Aligners will cause your teeth to move, which is their intended purpose, and this can result in minor aches but it is bearable and the end results will be well worth some discomfort.

Knowing what to expect will help with the treatment, so if you are considering aligners like Invisalign, expect to deal with tooth movement and aligner fit, which can lead to tenderness and pressure, both of which are very common. Aligners cause your teeth to shift, so there will be some discomfort during the course of your treatment. Most people will only notice this pain when they take their aligners out and place them back in, as this might trigger that pain. It’s important to know that pressure is a good sign because it means your aligners are working. Minor discomfort means your aligners are doing their job, so do not be concerned when this happens because it takes a small amount of pressure for your teeth to realign. While it may not feel great, it is part of the treatment. Some people may also experience tongue and gum irritation if the edges of the aligner rub against your cheek, tongue or gums. You may experience irritation as a result but your orthodontist may be able to provide you with some recommendations to help find a solution.

Several aligners are needed during the treatment process and the pressure is usually at its greatest whenever you make the switch because of the discrepancy between the shape of your new aligner and the alignment of your teeth. This will cause you to feel some discomfort but over time, your teeth will start to shift and will conform to fit the aligner. Once this happens, your pain should subside and your mouth will begin to relax. The discomfort is the result of your teeth moving into their new positions so that you can have straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

When it comes to aligners like Invisalign, you will likely experience mild discomfort as opposed to pain but this discomfort will usually ease within a couple of days after your aligner tray change. Both the pressure and any tooth movement will decrease and the feeling of tightness will subside.

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