Flossing is an important part of any teeth cleaning routine; it gets at the more stubborn residue or substances that brushing can’t get to and keeps your gums healthy. Naturally, flossing can leave you some discomfort and there’s even some bleeding to be expected (especially if you haven’t flossed in a while), but if the pain starts to become unbearable, then there are some things you can do to help.

Gentleness is Key

Over-aggressive flossing is one of the key reasons for gum bleeding and soreness; your gums are a sensitive part of your mouth, so being too rough with them naturally leads to consequences. Take it slow, be patient, and be consistent. If you do, you’ll be able to “train” and condition your gums and lessen the occurrences of bleeding and pain over time.

Different Tools

There are a variety of alternative tools for flossing that can also help reduce pain and bleeding. One is a water floss machine, more commonly known as a water pick. This works by basically shooting water in between your teeth and parts of your mouth to help dislodge food and plaque; it’s a common tool of dentists and come with a variety of different attachments to help you get at those harder to see and reach areas.

Non-abrasive floss is another alternative. These floss types are coated in a soft and gentle material that lessens gum irritation and can help ease your gums into better oral hygiene habits.

Interdental brushes act like tiny toothbrushes between your teeth and are easier to use than traditional floss while being just as effective; they’re one of the best options if you have braces.

Soft-picks are another good choice; a combination of an interdental brush and a dental pick, they’re disposable plastic picks with rubber bristles and soft tips that do minimal damage to gum tissue. They can help mitigate a majority of the bleeding and pain associated with flossing.

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