Orthodontists and dentists do share some similarities, although they are different professions. They both help patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles but do this differently. Dentists cover a wide range of oral health issues like cavities, gum disease or missing teeth, while orthodontists focus solely on tooth and jaw alignment. Orthodontists are dentists who continued their training in an accredited university for an additional three years and specialize in orthodontics. They are qualified to provide treatment options that can help straighten a patient’s teeth. Often, dentists and orthodontists work together to provide patients with the best possible results when it comes to the appearance and health of their teeth.

There are a few key differences between orthodontists and dentists and the following information will clarify these aspects:


Dentists must complete a general dental degree and are in charge of your overall dental health. They can provide a number of different services, including dental cleanings and tooth repair but do not deal with braces or aligners. If a patient needs orthodontic treatment, their dentist will refer them to an orthodontist.

Dentistry is more of a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gums, nerves and jaw. Dentists encourage good oral hygiene and provide services that can help with tooth decay, root canals, gum disease, crowns, bridges, veneers and teeth whitening.


Orthodontists must complete a dental degree followed by a three year specialist degree. They are experts in facial growth and dental development and are specialists in tooth and jaw alignment. They can provide a number of different treatments, including retainers, clear aligners and traditional braces. They will help you pick the option that is most suitable for you by providing their professional opinion.

Orthodontics is a specialty branch within dentistry that focuses on the straightening of teeth and the correction of bites and occlusions. They specialize in the alignment of teeth and provide services that can help with crowded teeth, overbites, underbites and, of course, misaligned teeth. Most people who require orthodontic services have crooked teeth but orthodontists can do more than just help with this and can assist with overcrowded teeth, crossbite and spaces between teeth. They can also help with the treatment of temporomandibular disorders and any additional problems with the patient’s jaw.

Both orthodontists and dentists help patients improve their oral health. While they focus on different aspects, the goal is to keep your teeth healthy. All orthodontists are dentists; however, not all dentists are licensed orthodontists, so make sure you clarify this information before asking a general dentist to complete orthodontic work.

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