3 Tips For A Squeaky Clean Retainer

Those who have retainers know the hassle of having to clean their retainers almost every night, and this goes for all brace wearers out there. It is something which you might not have the energy to do when you have come to the end of an exhausting day, or even something which you don’t really want to do every night. So what are the alternative ways to have a clean retainer to wear every night? That’s something which many people like you may be wondering and is something which would definitely make your life easier. Having to worry about one less thing can give you the chance to take a breath and relax. 

  • Rinse your retainer with water. It can be as easy as turning on the tap and letting cool water run over your retainer to clean any gears of Slavia. After you take your retainer, you should clean it before putting it back in.
  •  Brush with toothpaste. Something which you use to clean your teeth every day can actually be used to clean your retainer. Believe it or not, your retainers hold plaque and bacteria from your own mouth, toothpaste works to clean your retainer just like it would with teeth. 
  • You can use baking soda to make sure your retainers are fully cleaned. Sometimes your retainers will start to appear as a yellow tint. This Is something that you want to avoid from happening, and fi does baking soda works well to clean any stains or any plaque buildup in your retainer.

When you use these tips to clean your own retainer, we can assure you that your teeth will be staying healthy and glowing. You want to make sure that you are taking care of your own retainer just as much as you would with your own teeth. If you are looking for dental clinics, teeth whitening, or a dentist office in Vancouver, BC, make sure to contact Vancity Dental.

At-Home Oral Healthcare Tips

Oral healthcare is very important, and a good at-home oral hygiene routine is a must so that your teeth and gums stay healthy. Self-care is something you need to take very seriously, and the following tips will ensure you have a healthy mouth:

Clean Your Toothbrush

A lot of people focus only on their teeth and forget about their toothbrush, but this can be problematic, so make sure you spend some time cleaning your toothbrush. Always wash your hands with soap before and after you touch your toothbrush, as this will avoid spreading anything to or from your mouth. You should also always rinse your toothbrush before and after every use to soften the bristles and eliminate any food particles or hardened toothpaste from the previous use. You can do this by holding your toothbrush under hot water to eliminate germs and disinfect it.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day For Two Minutes

This is a rule you must follow so that you brush properly. Always use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush and if you are using a manual one, make sure you hold it at the right angle and brush gently in a circular motion. If you prefer an electric toothbrush, brush gently in a gliding motion and make sure you brush every tooth. Regardless of the type of toothbrush you use, you need to brush for two minutes to ensure your teeth, gums, and tongue are all clean.

Follow Your Routine

No matter how busy and hectic life gets, it is very important that you stick to your routine. This is the only way your mouth will remain healthy, so do not skip this task because you need to brush your teeth every morning and every night. It’s also a must that you floss because brushing alone will not help keep your mouth healthy. You need to brush and floss daily because debris and plaque will collect between your teeth, and flossing will help clean the hard-to-reach areas. Flossing will also lower your risk of developing gum disease and heart disease, so it is very important that you include this step in your daily routine.

Limit Your Consumption Of Sugary Snacks And Acidic Beverages

These foods and drinks will harm your teeth and will impact your oral health negatively. Acid will wear away the enamel on your teeth, so you will no longer have a protective layer, and cavities will form as a result. This is a serious issue that can lead to a number of problems but limiting acidic drinks, and sugary foods will prevent this from happening.

Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

This should be done every three months so that your brush cleans your teeth effectively.

If you want a bright and beautiful smile, the dentists at Vancity Dental can help! Whether you need teeth whitening or a regular check-up, our clinic does it all, so if you are in Vancouver, BC, give our office a call today!

What are Invisalign Attachments?

Invisalign is a very popular way of straightening teeth because it’s done in a manner that’s barely noticeable to anyone but the patient. It is a highly effective treatment that produces very successful results and gives patients the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. They are comfortable and a great way of achieving the perfect smile and while the clear aligners normally do the trick, some patients will need Invisalign attachments in addition to the aligners to get the best results possible. 

Aligners can treat several different orthodontic conditions like spacing, overbites and even cross bites and each set is designed to move your teeth closer to their desired position. Some patients require attachments to help the aligners and together the two will produce perfect results. 

The attachments can help treat even more conditions and the best part is that there is no drilling or painful shots. The attachment consists of a small dot of bonding material that is placed on specific teeth and vary in size depending on their purpose. They will be placed in precise positions, are tooth coloured and are located on the front portion of the teeth. Their purpose is to enable the patient’s aligners to grip their teeth smoothly and act like tiny handles that the aligner can target and push on during the treatment. You don’t have to worry about the attachments being bonded to your teeth because they can easily be removed by polishing once the treatment is complete and the process is painless. 

Attachments may also include buttons and elastics to help you achieve the best results. The buttons act as brackets that are essentially anchors for the elastics. Buttons are small and can be plastic or metal and these attachments will not affect the way your aligner fits over your teeth in any way. 

If Invisalign is a treatment you’re interested in, contact Vancity Dental in BC today to schedule an appointment. They will discuss the details to see if this is the right option for you and the experienced dentists will help you achieve a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off. If you want a dentist you can trust and staff that can take care of all of your dental needs, whether it’s teeth whitening or root canals, they can help. If you’re in the Vancouver area, book an appointment with Vancity Dental and you’ll be in good hands.

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